The real casualties of bad marketing

We work in an industry still blighted by interruption selling. Whether its tactless telesellers, spam emailers, texters, tweeters and bloggers, junk mailers, pop up producers, door steppers or any of one hundred others, the good name of strategic marketing is harmed by activities carried out in its name.

I think there is a role to expose bad marketing as it threatens the livelihood, future career and overall employability of every strategic marketer who fights daily to deliver marketing that is insightful, high impact and delivers to the bottom line.

The underlying problem though, I think, is perspective. One person’s spam in another’s content. It will take education and time. But strategic marketing, where we deliver engaging, relevent content to audiences that will be engaged by it is about recognising that perspective and responding in the right way.

To me, if you don’t take this approach, or are lazy in this regard, what you’re doing isn’t marketing. It’s promotion. And if you need definitions, you need to go back to school. Because soon, your lazy ways will be exposed for all to see.

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2 responses to “The real casualties of bad marketing

  1. Perhaps we should start with our industry bodies. We should be influencing them to stop training people in old discredited doctrines and work with them to create new positive marketing perspectives. We should also be looking to mentor those on the way up, helping them to unlearn what they have only recently been taught, counteract these misperceptions from colleagues and promote a new understanding of the aims and practices of sales and marketing (which should be recombined into one discipline).

    • I know what’s driving this and feel your ire. I’m at TFMA today and still see Internet marketing disrespected and poorly propositioned, even by apparent experts. Lots of talk about strategy but focus on tactics and tools.

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