Is Gap an email marketing genius?

Just had to bring this to light. An email from Gap on Friday telling me I only had a couple of days to benefit from 25% off  if I bought some Gap clothing online.

Come this morning, I thought I’d let the opportunity pass me by. But no, a new email popped up this morning, with a new 50% offer!

Great for me as I didn’t take advantage of the first one, but pretty bad for anyone who did. Unless this has been specifically designed to entice me online because they can tell that I didn’t visit over the weekend?

I can’t decide if this is genius, coincidental or really poor. What do you think?


4 responses to “Is Gap an email marketing genius?

  1. It just goes to show “Big brother is watching you”. I used to get newsletters from Dorothy Perkins, but found it a bit unnerving when they sent me an email asking why I had visited their website but never brought anything.

    • You’re right about big brother. Those naughty little things called cookies are to blame. If I’m right there was some talk recently about some kind of European legislation in this area.

  2. If it was anyone else I might have said genius (e.g Tesco do this v cleverly with clubcard offers) but in light of GAP’s recent branding debacle I think it smacks of poor decision making driven by desperation.

    • Cheers Jamie, the rebranding was indeed an utter mess, so it probably is coincidental or accidental. Anyone who did rush to claim the 25% and then get the 50% email would surely be peeved today!

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