Business pitch learnings (from Eurovision)

This year’s BBC bankrolled Eurovision song contest came and went with a whimper for Britain’s entry, reformed chart toppers Blue.  I think if the people behind this attempt to win the competition had done their homework (like most of the watching UK population), they would have known that it was doomed to failure. Eurovision is a exercise in bad taste and geographical political voting. Allegedly.

The perils of pitching

It raised some interesting thoughts in my mind about the conventional pitch process whilst travelling. As many companies now have to present their thoughts, approach and some creative ideas about a given project before they are paid to undertake it, there are important things to consider to ensure time and resource are not wasted.

Pre qualification

I’ve written posts about pitching and winning pitches before. The overwhelming thing to me is knowing and understanding what is involved in the pitch process, and if you win the contract.

1. Can your prospect clarify what they want from you and how they will assess your response?

2. Can you deliver what they need profitably and sustainably?

3. Can you build a long term relationship along the way?

4. Is this a company, and a client team you can work with and want to work with?

Blue, and everyone behind the UK entry, went into Eurovision with their eyes closed. The Eurozone, as we all know won’t vote for a UK act. Huge time, money and resource have been wasted… and the reputation of the recently reformed Blue has been damaged.



One response to “Business pitch learnings (from Eurovision)

  1. Oh dear I thought Blue was a really good entry this year – does this mean my eyes are closed?

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