Nurturing hidden talent

In most companies and most teams there are inevitably people from a range of backgrounds, possessing a range of skills, attributes and experiences.

Often it can be the noisest, most confident or senior people that determine direction and agenda. Sadly, the quietest, most recent team members contribute the least, despite having great ideas.

So isn’t one of the urgent business challenges encouraging hidden talent to shine? And isn’t there a responsibility on managers to foster an open, collaborative working environment where ideas are valued, input solicited and feedback acted on?

In creative marketing teams this can be achieved using a number of techniques:

1. Regular team meetings where team members are encouraged to own their projects and report back their status.

2. Support this with frequent one-to-one meetings to ensure that any problems or issues are efficiently and effectively managed and opportunities to tap into latent knowledge and experience are maximised.

3. Involvement in company initiatives by opening up the opportunity for team members to participate in activities that empower them. It might be writing web news or blogs, managing certain elements of the marketing and business development plan, running training programmes or giving public speeches.

4. Maximising opportunities to ‘show and tell’ and share successful (and unsuccessful) projects with key learnings.

5. Development projects where the individual (and the business) benefit from recommendations made to improve process and procedure or in the development of new products and services.

6. Above all, ask. Keep up to date with your new staff and understand how all team members are motivated. Understand what they are good at, what they like doing and what challenges them. Understand where they want to go and how they want to be managed.

Are you making the most of all your people or have some of your employees left part of their experience at the front door? If they have, you can be sure you are missing out.

Image: EngageSciences



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