Are you self marketing effectively? Guidance for aspiring marketers.

Now’s the time to act if you want a job in marketing.

But it’s much harder and more competitive than ever before. Not surprising really given the tough economic times we are living in and the fact that marketing (and training) are invariably the first budgets slashed.

Standing out from the crowd means doing more than just sending personalised CVs to company owners and directors, let alone applying for advertised jobs. You have to embrace the Internet and showcase your understanding and passion for all things ‘social’. This means having active profiles and understanding how the internet can be used for commercial gain.

So whether you are student approaching the end of your studies, an educator or a concerned friend of the family, there should be something in this little lot.

Online resume

First off, start with your online profile by setting up an online resume. (This is actually sage advice for professionals at all stages of the career development process).


Cleaning up your Facebook and applying some privacy settings is naturally a smart step. But take your social networking one step further by optimising your Linkedin profile. And if you need to set one up, follow my advice from last year.

Content driven

This link about being an awesome marketer (circulated in Sunday’s Links worth a click) will steer you in the right direction of current trends in marketing and marketing management.

Being screened

And finally, look at what guides the decisions on the other side of the desk by reading this article on how employers are going to start screening for modern marketing talent.

Actually, there is one more and HOT OFF THE PRESS, Seth Godin bats one out of the park with this observation about creating your own destiny – another in his recent, long trend about creating work that matters and work that ships.

Oh, if you’re already a marketing professional who got this far, congratulations. This might be of benefit to you too ;o). The fact you read this blog post marks you out already and you deserve to benefit from that.

Image: Mike Duran



One response to “Are you self marketing effectively? Guidance for aspiring marketers.

  1. Check out how Eric Romer got his marketing job with HeadBlade Inc.

    I wrote about him on my career chnane blog a while back:

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