Taking imagination seriously

I love TED talks. Bite size nuggets full of inspiration.

Take one of the most recent updates, from self taught artist Janet Echelman, who pioneered the use of fishing nets to create stunning urban artistic sculpture and then developed this into further stunning work.

It is easy to keep doing things the way they have always been done.

It isn’t so easy walking a path less travelled, let alone an altogether new path. Imagination is coached out of us as children, I’d contend, as soon as we end up at school. Real imagination, the ability to have an idea and work it through without fear of failure or risk or blame, is one of the urgent workplace challenges of recent times.

What people like Janet show us is that great satisfaction and reward can be the result if you do. And the benefit on other people you take with you could be significant too.

When viewed in conjunction with a recent blog post on entreprenuerism, it starts to get really exciting, doesn’t it?

Note to RSS/subscribers: you might need to visit the blog site to view the embedded video.



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