The Marketing Assassin Way

kill costs - marketing assassin blogI’ve been running with this pseudonym for two years now. But what’s it all about?

It certainly isn’t anti-marketing. In fact, being a marketer, I unapologetically see marketing as critical to long term customer satisfaction and business success. So not a cut-throat bean counter who sees it as a waste of money!

To operate like a Marketing Assassin, you need to commit to certain values to ensure you deliver cost effective, results focused marketing initiatives. Sounds simple, obvious even, but have a look at your marketing plan right now. If you have one.

Are you placating your Managing Director, Chief Executive, your biggest customer or biggest distributor instead of delivering against your business objectives?

Start marketing the right way and take the Marketing Assassin pledge today

  1. I will not undertake any marketing activity for vanity’s sake.
  2. I will only spend time and money that can be linked to a marketing objective.
  3. I will only implement activities that can be measurable.
  4. I will create a plan, even if it is only a quarterly plan and stick to it.
  5. I will not deviate from my plan, however attractive a media opportunity may sound.
  6. I will keep my customer in the forefront of my mind.
  7. I will always focus on my bottom line targets and long term goals.
  8. I will use all available free to use technology to support my marketing activities.
  9. I will embrace free online and offline networking.
  10. I will have the courage and conviction to kill cost, reclaim time, be inspired and market better.

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